Reset AMT Password on Thinkpad x200s

(By popular demand in english)

Should work on all Thinkpad models:

*Enter the BIOS Settings.

*In Config -> Intel AMT, set Intel AMT Control to disabled.

*Save and Reboot.

*You will be asked whether to unconfigure AMT, select Y (Yes) and wait some minutes, the pc will restart afterwards.

Password requirements:

*At least 8 characters

*One upper case letter

*One lower case letter

*One number

*One special character / non alpha numeric character, but : doesnt seem to work

*No spaces or „<“ or „>“

*Go back to the BIOS an enable aMT again.

*Now you can set your new password by pressing CTRL+P after the initial hardwaretests

*The initial AMT admin password is „admin“. Ups, turns out, i didn’t forget my old password, as i didn’t set it.. Stupid defaults ­čśë